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Con artists and the associations that support these behaviours !

It has become more than apparent that in these hard times, people are trying absolutely everything to survive. This is just human nature and the will to fight.

However, there are individuals that are taking advantage of the vulnerable and associations that are supporting these individuals (and may it be disclosed that in these days of equality, these associations are mainly Government bodies).

This cannot be permitted and is disgraceful.

As a result, I have decided to complete my 'Graduate Law' degree and represent the vulnerable at a 'fair and just' outlay without compromise to quality.

The Bakarela Trust is currently looking and will be opening an office in a public area easily accessible to everyone.

Fear is not an option, as every case shall be assessed on its merit. Where the Bakarela Trust cannot assist directly - you can be sure that with our network of ethical, moral and trusting experts, you will be looked after

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