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Coronavirus - myth or truth ?

For centuries we have had various viruses or sicknesses that have caused an impact to the global population. And yes, I agree we are over populated and there are way too many mouths that require feeding (mind you, I would not give many water let alone food)

However, we have now in the 21st Century been hit with the "Coronavirus" and everyone is panicking.

Sure we need to be aware and careful but if we look into the facts (even today), the flu is responsible for between 500,000 to 670,000 deaths annually in todays age and now that we have the Coronavirus...………..the panic has set in and the world is going crazy.

Communities, economies, migration, sporting events, tourism, etc has been affected - helloooo, is it scare mongering to create a crisis and panic or is it really something we all really need to worry about?

Toilet paper and hand sanitizers - are we f***ing joking?? (excuse my language) Where is the correlation and who came up with the toilet paper theory?

I am very interested to hear your thoughts?

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